01 august 2014

Barthe Cortes 's airport in CAR attacked by rebels

On 31st of July (2014) in the evening, Muslim rebels launched rockets at the new CAR airport belonging to BVC Airlines owned by Barthe Cortes.

The rockets hit the new runway and the warehouse, starting a fire. According to the press, 2 persons were wounded. No details are known due to the lack of contact with the BVC CEO and the small media coverage of this part of the world.

The government spokesman warns that : 'you go into the warzone only on your own responsibility'.

Often referred to as the 'forgotten' conflict, violence in the Central African Republic (CAR) has risen to extreme levels ever since a coup d'etat in early March 2013 sent the nation into wholesale unrest that proceeded to take a sectarian turn in the following months.

Though the leadership that had assumed power after the coup stepped down in early 2014, human rights abuses have continued to be committed in the CAR, with accusations from some that the evolution into violence between Christians and Muslims could elevate this crisis to the level of genocide .

The history of precarious governance in the CAR, coupled with the current volatile situation, has raised concern for the future of the nation, and has led many to confirm the CAR government's failure to uphold its Responsibility to Protect

the 2014 coup itself has led to grave consequences for the civilians of the CAR, a nation that has devolved into a state of 'anarchy'.


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